Natural perspective

Through our commitment to more sustainable production we aim to help keep the environment clean and healthy.

Our vineyards are part of the Agri-Environment Climate Programme (KOPOP).
We protect soil against erosion through continuous grass planting.
We keep up to date with pet control service announcements for information on disease eradication.
We use baits and sticky traps to monitor the development and occurrence of pests.
We do not add synthetic mineral nitrogen and avoid using insecticides.

By taking these measures, we strive to achieve a natural circulation of substances and organisms within an integral ecosystem.

At the top (J, JZ)

A sandy, calcareous basis
varieties: Laško Riesling, Blaufränkisch, Muscat

The airy valley (JV)

A sandy, clayey and calcareous basis
variety: Žametovka

The amphitheatre (J, JV, JZ)

A sandy, clayey and calcareous basis
varieties: Sauvignon, Laško and Rhine Riesling, Sylvaner, Belina and Kraljevina, Žametovka and Blaufränkisch

The farm (J, JZ)

Mainly dolomite layers, partially marly basis
variety: Blaufränkisch